To love truth and seek it above material things;
To ennoble and be ennobled by common fellowship;
To keep the energies of life at full tide;
To cultivate an appreciation of the beautiful;
To work well and play with zest;
To have an open, unprejudiced mind;
To live simply, practicing a reasonable economy;
To find joy in work well done;
To be an earnest disciple in the school of Him who brings the abundant life;
To work diligently for a better understanding of the White and Black races.
Such is the spirit and ideal of Paine College.
To all who share this spirit and are eager for the pursuit of high things, we offer a hearty welcome.

The Paine College Ideal was developed by a faculty committee appointed by President E. C. Peters in 1933 and was revised by the Board of Trustees at the Spring Meeting in 2003.