Paine College is your gateway to the world, and study abroad is the road that will take you there! Study abroad is an opportunity for you to take university courses related to your major in another country. You will have the opportunity to build an international network, to learn another language, to explore another country and to gain an international perspective. Study abroad requires much forethought and preparation. Review the tips below to begin to prepare for your study abroad journey.
  • Identify yourself – what are your personal and professional goals, and how will a study abroad affect those? Choose a country to study in based on your long-term goals.
  • Meet with the Office of Leadership Development to create a customized study abroad plan that fits your situation. Submit a Study Abroad Interest form and fill out a Study Abroad Goals and Planning form.
  • Become familiar with Paine’s policies and procedures regarding study abroad – seek academic advising to determine prerequisites, course approval and credit transfer policies, and program fees.
  • Meet with the Office of Financial Aid at least one semester prior to your intended study abroad to discuss tuition and financial aid options.
  • Do your research – take the time to learn about the culture of the country that you plan visit. Knowing cultural norms, including the major language spoken, will make your study abroad much more meaningful.
  • Create a budget and stick to it; the Office of Leadership Development can help you with this.

Study Abroad Timeline

12-15 months before studying abroad:

  • Submit the Study Abroad Interest form to the Office of Leadership Development
  • Complete the Study Abroad Goals and Planning form
  • Confirm your eligibility to study abroad from Paine College
  • Attend a Study Abroad advising session
  • Meet with the Office of Leadership Development to create a customized study abroad plan
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss the courses that you plan to take, and their transferability
  • Meet with the Office of Financial Aid to inform them of your plans to study abroad and to discuss financial aid options for study abroad
  • Research the study abroad programs that interest you
  • Research financial aid options (scholarships, grants)
  • Begin applying for your top pick study abroad programs


6-9 months before studying abroad:

  • Begin compiling all documents required for international travel (passport, visa requirements)
  • Create a budget for your study abroad program
  • Begin addressing insurance matters (health insurance, travel insurance)
  • Determine if there are any required immunizations and make appointments with your healthcare provider


After you are accepted into a study abroad program:

  • Accept your offer, complete the host university’s admission/program requirements
  • Apply for your study abroad visa from the host country’s embassy
  • Confirm your approval to study abroad with Paine College
  • Attend a pre-departure orientation from the Office of Leadership Development
  • Register with International SOS
  • Register with your host country’s consulate or embassy
  • Start packing your bags! Include all relevant documents, etc.
For more information and resources related to study abroad visit the Student Leadership Forum.