What services does ACES/Leadership Development offer?

Leadership Development assists students with several critical aspects required for admissions into graduate or professional schools:
  • We provide information about graduate school and the various options that are available to students
  • We help students to prepare for standardized exams (GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, etc.) by providing preparatory materials, sponsoring seminars and intensive preparatory courses, and by assisting students with registering for the exams.
  • We advise students on the top choices for graduate/professional school as well as walk students step-by-step through the graduate school application process
  • We help students to be competitive applicants by encouraging and supporting students in engage in experiential learning (internships, study abroad, research, service)
  • We manage the Student Leadership Forum where experiential learning opportunities are posted and assist students in internship/scholarship/study abroad searches
  • We sponsor trips to Graduate School Fairs, and graduate school visitation programs
  • We critique graduate school resumes and personal statements
  • And much more!

Where is the Leadership Development office located?

We are located in Candler Memorial Library, room 101-I.

What are the hours of the Leadership Development office?

The Leadership Development office is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM.

I went to the Leadership Development office, but no one was available.

Right now Leadership Development is a one person office. If we’re not available, please send an email to bwalker@paine.edu or leave a voice message at 706-396-7608.

What is the best way to meet with the Leadership Development staff?

Schedule an appointment with us by sending an email to bwalker@paine.edu (from your @paine.edu account) with your major, ID number, and the reason for the visit and we will set a date/time for a meeting.

Can you do a presentation on graduate school for my class/organization/dorm?

Yes, definitely! Please complete and submit the “Workshops On-Demand” request form on our page.

What are “Senior Seminars?”

Senior Seminars are one of the institutional requirements for graduation from Paine. Leadership Development coordinates this series of seminars related to graduate or professional school preparation. Seniors are required to attend three (3) of these seminars to fulfill the requirement. Seminars are offered throughout the year on various topics such as “Preparing for Graduate School,” “Overview of the GRE,” and “How to Submit Competitive Applications.” For students who are not able to attend the in-person sessions, several seminars are available on-demand on the Student Leadership Forum. All students are invited to browse these on-demand lessons; however, seniors must score an 80% or better on the accompanying quiz at the end of each lesson to gain Senior Seminar credit.

What is the “Student Leadership Forum?”

The Student Leadership Forum (SLF) is an online learning/opportunities portal that is setup like one of your courses on Blackboard. Once you login to Blackboard you should see the SLF listed under the “My Courses” section. The SLF is where we list internships, scholarships, and study abroad opportunities that are available for all students (freshmen – seniors) to apply to. The SLF also contains a discussion forum where you can find more information about the top graduate schools for your major, how to create a graduate schools resume or personal statement, information on law school, business school, medical school, etc. You can also post any questions or comments that you have to be answered by the Leadership Development staff.

I do not see the Student Leadership Forum listed on my Blackboard account, how can I get access?

Currently enrolled students may send an email to bwalker@paine.edu from your @paine.edu account requesting to be added to the SLF. Please include your student ID number in the message.