An internship is a short-term, on-site learning experience where an employer is hiring you for your potential. Internships provide experience related to your field of study and career goals and some internships can turn into full-time job opportunities. There are several benefits for students who secure internships. 
  • Assists in career-decision making
  • Enhance skills and abilities
  • Increases marketability to Graduate Schools and Employers
  • Show how serious you are about your field
  • Will often allow you to earn a competitive salary versus a wage
  • Create opportunities for networking (gaining professional references)

Types of Internships

Internships can be paid, unpaid, or for academic credit. Unpaid internships are a good option if you live (or have family) in the area where the internship is being offered. These kinds of internships can give you the opportunity to gain valuable experience even if you may not meet the requirements for other kinds of internships.

When to apply

It is never too early to begin applying for internships! Many internships are available as early as the summer after your freshman year. However, it is important to note that most summer internships have deadlines in December and January so it is important to start applying early.

Where to look

Do your research. Search internship opportunities that have already passed as many are offered on an annual basis. Get a jump on the application process so that you can submit a strong application as early as possible. The Student Leadership Forum is a powerful tool that you may use to search internship opportunities. You may also consider searching the many job forums that are available on the internet. Click here to see a list of search engines made available by the Office of Career Services.

Visit the Student Leadership Forum for more information and tips about applying for internships.