A scholarship is a gift award given to students to assist with their college matriculation. Scholarships may be need-based, merit-based, or based on membership in a particular group or organization. We encourage to apply for several scholarships each semester. Some strategies for finding and obtaining scholarships are: ยท
  • Earn a high GPA during your freshman year (especially your first semester) and maintain it throughout your college career.
  • Join the professional society in your major, they will often offer exclusive scholarships to student members.
  • Search for scholarships that are seeking candidates like you! Identify your interests and group memberships and search for scholarships based on those characteristics.
  • Demonstrate your leadership skills by becoming involved in campus.
  • Demonstrate to scholarship committees that you are a reflection of the values and purpose of their organization.
  •  Have your applications proofread by the Office of Leadership Development.
  • Visit the Student Leadership Forum often and browse the available scholarships.
  • Make applying for scholarships part of your routine. Applying for at least one per week is a good start.
  •  Follow scholarship opportunities even after the deadline has passed; many are offered on an annual basis so if the deadline is passed you can plan ahead to apply next year