The College Reading and Learning Association is an international organization that has developed guidelines for strong and effective tutoring programs. Tutoring programs that prove they meet these qualifications can become certified at one or more of these levels: Level 1 (Regular Tutor), Level 2 (Advanced Tutor), or Level 3 (Master Tutor). Once a program is certified, it can train its tutors and in turn certify them if they meet the requirements for each level for which the program has been certified.

The Dr. Mack Gipson, Jr., Tutorial and Enrichment Center is proud to report that the program has been certified by CRLA at Level 1 and Level 2 since 1994 and at Level 3 since 2009. All TEC tutors must participate in the tutor training program and must actively work toward certification as long as they are employed by the TEC.

To find out more about CRLA certification requirements, follow this link: