Komala Balakrishnan
The Math and Science Improvement Program is a five week summer program (June 8-July 11, 2014) for recent high school graduates and transfer students intending to attend college in Fall 2014. It gives participants a great opportunity to receive a stipend as well as 3 credit hours for college algebra. Please see the following information in regards to the program’s offerings and benefits.

Applications are due as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE feel free to contact me at 706.821.8214 or kbalakrishnan@paine.edu.

We look forward to meeting you this summer!

Thank you,

Komala Balakrishnan
Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Program Details

  • 5 weeks residential academic program focusing on mathematical reasoning and problem solving
  • Integration of Science into Mathematical concepts
  • Enhancement of algebraic skills
  • Development of technological skills
  • Personal Development
  • Introductory Concepts in
  • Chemistry
  • Interaction with mathematics and science faculty


  • Receive college credit for MAT 122—College Algebra (3 credit hours)
  • Tuition waived for 3 credit hours
  • Stipend $250
  • Free room and Board
  • Enhance knowledge in math and sciences
  • Improve mathematical skills
  • Increase motivation to major in math, sciences and technology

Contact Information:

C. P. Abubucker
Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science
Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology
Mary Helm Building, Room 304

Office: (706) 821-8245
Lixin Wang
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Department of Mathematics, Sciences and Technology
Mary Helm Building, Room 304

Office: (706) 396-8126