The General Education Development Center (GEDC) is a unifying concept for academic and student development. The Center is a focused institutional effort aimed at implementing structured orientation, academic testing and advising, and college survival skills training. The Center provides close supervision and guidance to students in order to allow maximum academic adjustment. It also makes special provisions for developing the basic skills competencies essential for students to enter specialized fields. Specifically, the GEDC affords students the opportunity to master the tools required to function at a higher level, both cognitively and affectively, within the institution.

All Students who have not earned 28 semester hours of college credits with a GPA of a least 1.8 or have not declared a major field of concentration are assigned to the GEDC. The Center’s staff members administer the academic advisement components during the freshmen year.

The Test Skills Development Center (TSDC) is a unit of GEDC, which provides resources and activities for students needing test skills improvement.