The Student Support Services Project is an academic support program, funded by the U.S. Department of Education that serves 130 students annually. The Project began on the Paine College campus in 1973. Participants are enrolled at the College and are selected from a pool of eligible freshmen who meet the income guidelines as specified by the U.S. Department of Education, and/or are first generation college students or physically disadvantaged students. Enrollees must also show need for academic support.

The purpose of Student Support Services is to provide services that will encourage and assist students in remaining enrolled and graduating from the College. The Program targets students with academic potential who may face adversity because of educational, cultural, and economic reasons, or because they are physically challenged. Inasmuch as space in the program is limited, Student Support Services cannot accommodate the many students who meet the criteria to participate. Therefore, those who are chosen are among a select group of freshmen. The participants are provided a variety of services and activities designed to enhance their academic and social skills and career exploration. The available services and activities include the following: individual and group tutoring and counseling, academic advisement, peer mentoring program, workshops, financial aid assistance, cultural and other extracurricular experiences, housing, health counseling, and other referrals.