Network Summer 2012 and Summer Scholar-in-Residence Program 2012

Network Summer is one of the largest and most successful faculty development programs in the nation. Each summer, more than two hundred faculty members from Faculty Resource Network and affiliated institutions converge on New York University’s Washington Square campus for intensive seminars or independent research residencies that enhance and revitalize their teaching and scholarship. Within each program of study, we place a special emphasis on teaching methodologies that will have a direct impact on the undergraduate curriculum and educational experience.

Since 1990, the Faculty Resource Network has offered a variety of summer seminars, developed in response to the expressed needs of Network faculty and administrators. Through lectures, field trips, presentations, research, hands-on demonstrations, and interactive discussions that are a part of the summer seminar experience, participants are exposed to the most recent scholarship in their fields while being given the opportunity to develop teaching and curriculum strategies for direct classroom application. Seminars are led by prominent scholars in the field.

School of Arts and Sciences Summer Seminar Participants

Rhonda McCoy Marva Stewart Sardar Yousufzai 
Interactive Technologies for Teaching and Learning  Interactive Technologies for Teaching and Learning The Tree of Life – Teaching Evolution and Genomics

Summer Scholars-in-Residence 2012

The Summer Scholar-in-Residence program allows Network faculty to come to New York University during the month of June to engage in research, develop curricula, and/or produce manuscripts for publication. The program allows Scholars to explore new dimensions in their disciplines, to engage in intellectual exchange and investigate resources not available to them at their home institutions, to broaden their own pedagogical expertise, to enrich existing courses or create new ones, and to expand professional contacts. Participation in the SIR program not only enhances the faculty members’ knowledge and skills, but also significantly contributes to the intellectual environment of their home institutions as they share what they learn with their colleagues and students.

School of Arts and Sciences Scholar-in-Residence 2012 Participants

Dr. Katherine Bain Dr. Belinda Wheeler