What degree programs does Paine College Department of Education offer?
Paine College offers programs leading to teacher certification in Early Childhood Education, Middle Grades Education and Secondary Grades Education. 

What grade levels does each program certify?
Early Childhood Education certifies you for teaching grades Pre-K through 5th grade. Middle Grade Education is grades 4th through 8th with two concentration areas in mathematics, science, social studies or language arts. Secondary Grades certifies for grades 6th through 12th with an area of concentration of mathematics, biology, English or history. 

How do I know which degree I need?
It is important to determine what age level and subject area you feel you will be most comfortable in teaching. Conduct research on the various grade level subject matters, curriculum expectations and determine which option feels right to you.

When should I take the GACE Exam?
The Department of Education encourages all students to take the GACE I Basic Skills Assessment test in their freshman year and the GACE II Test of Content Knowledge soon after admission into the Teacher Education Program. Students can also be exempt from the GACE I, should their SAT scores be a minimum combined verbal and mathematics score of 1000 or their ACT scores be a minimum combined English and mathematics score of 43. 

How does a professional degree from a liberal arts institution compare to a professional degree from other institutions?
A liberal arts degree is mentored and highly personal. You will be a trained educator certified in the state of Georgia and thus eligible for certification in states with reciprocity agreements with Georgia. Additionally, your liberal arts education will ask you to consider the challenges of society from an educational standpoint and to use your knowledge to address those issues.

Is Paine College’s education program accredited?
The Department of Education at Paine College is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and its programs are approved by Georgia’s Professional Standards Commission (GAPSC).

 Is a GAPSC certificate required in Georgia?
Yes. Any professional serving in the public schools must hold a valid certificate appropriate to the field of employment. All certificate fields are classified as Teaching, Service or Leadership. 

How long will it take for my certificate application to be processed?
Your application package will be processed as quickly as possible from the time all materials are received by the PSC. Based on your file, you will receive an educator certificate, a letter of eligibility or an evaluation for certification requirements to be met.

Why must I always submit a new application?
In order to process any certification requests, you must submit a new application to create a case in the certification database. Although previous documentation submitted will remain on file, a case is not created without the application form. In addition, the GAPSC requires a current signature in the Personal Affirmation Section. 

How do I contact the Certification Section of the Professional Standards Commission?
You may contact the PSC Certification Section by mail at the following address:
Certification Section
Two Peachtree Street Suite 6000
Atlanta, GA 30303

What if I don’t want to teach in Georgia?
You will be certified in the state of Georgia and thus eligible for certification in states with reciprocity agreements with Georgia. To find out whether the state that you will teach in has reciprocity agreements with Georgia go to http://www.nasdtec.org/agreement.php.