When do I apply to IUON?

Students formally apply to IUON at the beginning of their last semester of completion of the Paine College Pre-Nursing Program courses. However, as soon as a student begins this program, IUON is notified and begins communication directly with each Paine College Pre-Nursing student. Acceptance is specifically for IUON’s Upper Division in Nursing Program.

When am I admitted to IUON?

When IUON receives your application and supporting documents, your file is sent to the IUON Faculty Admissions Committee. The Committee reviews the application and documents and is alerted to the fact that this application is part of the Paine College – IUON Articulation Agreement. Because of the courses you have completed in the Paine College Pre-Nursing Program, you would enter IUON as an Upper Division student (Semester 3).

How many entry dates does IUON have?

IUON admits three times per year: January, May and September

Which partner schools are affiliated with IUON?

IUON has affiliations with three partner schools in the U.S.:
IUON has one Canadian affiliate:
Both Canadian and U.S. students attend Nipissing and as a graduate are eligible to sit for the Canadian Registered Nurse Exam (CRNE) as well as the NCLEX, to practice in the U.S.

How are partner schools chosen?

IUON selects partner schools based on a variety of criteria. The criteria include the following: The college or university must be regionally accredited. The nursing program must be approved by the respective state’s Board of Nursing. The nursing program must be programmatically accredited by either the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) or Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). The curriculum of the partner school must be closely aligned with IUON’s curriculum. The schools selected provide a range of options for students by location, state-based or faith-based and opportunities for study abroad.

When do I choose my partner school?

Upon admission to IUON, students receive a “Preference Form” to complete which documents their 1st, 2nd, and/or 3rd choice of partner school placement. This information is considered among many variables, i.e. GPA, diversity, gender, age, so that IUON can assure partner schools a diverse cohort of students.

Can I transfer from another institution into the Pre-Nursing program at Paine College?


Will credits from other schools transfer?

Paine College will review all transfer credits for acceptability to the Pre-Nursing Program. On-line science courses will not transfer to all of IUON partner schools.

Can I take classes online?

As a Paine College student you can take the following online courses:
  • College Algebra (MAT 122)
  • Composition I (ENG 101)
  • Composition II (ENG 102) 
  • Introduction to Psychology (PSY 201)

What type of degree am I awarded upon the completion of the program?

At the completion of the program, students are awarded a Bachelor in Nursing degree (BSN). The IUON BSN Upper Division program provides individuals with the ability to implement evidenced-based practice in the delivery of professional nursing care. Evidence-based practice incorporates scientific findings in the delivery of nursing care incorporating theory and practical clinical skills required by the field of nursing to provide leadership and render safe patient care.

How many degrees do I receive upon completion of the program?

Upon completion of the degree requirements at the U.S. or Canadian partner school, students receive a degree from the partner school and a separate degree from IUON.

How much is tuition?

Year (RS) Semester (RS) Year (NRS) Semester (NRS)
Tuition 11,500 5,775 - 11,550 5,775
Comp. Fee 952 476 - 952 476
Board 3,358 1,679 - 0 0
Room 2,735 1,368 - 0 0
Total 18,595 9,298 - 12,502 6,251

RS - Resident Student
NRS - Non Resident Student

Where will I do my nursing clinicals?

Nursing courses with a clinical component begin when you are on the IUON campus and continue at the partner school. Clinical courses include Foundations of Professional Nursing, Care of the Adult in the Acute Care Setting I, Mental Health Nursing, Community Health and Disaster Preparedness, Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family, Care of the Adult in the Acute Care Setting II, Pediatric Nursing, Leadership and Management, Nursing Specialty Practice and Senior Seminar Capstone. Click on this link for IUON Curriculum and Course Descriptions

Who do I contact for more information?

Andrea Anderson, Enrollment Specialist and Academic Advisor at pcprenursing@paine.edu