The Dr. Mack Gipson, Jr., Tutorial and Enrichment Center (TEC) hires both peer and professional tutors. Peer tutors are currently juniors or seniors at Paine College. The TEC’s professional tutors have already earned a college degree. Click below to learn how to become a TEC tutor



Peer tutors must be juniors or seniors who have completed at least 60 credit hours of college coursework. They must have a GPA of at least 3.0, although higher is preferred. The Center is limited to hiring no more than ten peer tutors, so candidates are carefully selected. Students with higher GPA’s and a wider range of academic strengths are more desirable than those with more limited skills. In addition to having strong academic skills, peer tutors must be dependable, honest, responsible, patient, and friendly people who can be relied on to keep to their work schedule, help others, keep accurate written records, and support the Center’s program.

Work Schedule

Peer tutors must be available to work 10 – 15 hours per week. At the start of each semester, each tutor will determine the exact number of hours he or she will work per week for that semester; once that number is agreed upon by the tutor and the Director, the tutor will set up a schedule that will allow the tutor to keep the same hours every week of that semester.

Peer tutors are paid once a month. Since the Center offers tutoring assistance to students on a drop-in basis as well as in pre-scheduled appointments, the TEC tutors are expected to be at work during all of their scheduled hours. They are paid for all of the contracted hours that they are at work, even if they do not tutor someone during some of that time, because this policy will ensure that they are available to help students who drop in for help unexpectedly. Tutor can expect a small raise with each level of certification they earn.

Peer Tutor Application Process

Candidates for the position of peer tutor must fill out an application form and provide three references (at least two of whom must be professors) who must each fill out a TEC reference form. These references will be asked to evaluate the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses as well as their suitability for a tutoring position. Candidates must give permission for the Director to obtain copies of their college transcripts in order to help evaluate their candidacy and determine the range of courses that may be included in their tutoring schedules.

After the application is returned to the Director of the TEC, the tutor candidate will have to schedule a personal interview with the Director to discuss the requirements of the job and the candidate’s background, strengths, and weaknesses.

Once the candidate’s file is complete (with application, reference forms, transcripts, and other related materials) and the interview has been held, the Director will evaluate the candidate’s credentials and make a decision about hiring.

Peer tutors must sign a contract when they are hired. This contract specifies the details of the position. All tutors are required to attend and participate in tutor training workshops, complete individual training assignments, and submit required documentation on a regular basis. Each tutor must also keep accurate records of his or her tutoring sessions and must periodically fill out assessment sheets to evaluate the progress of his or her tutees.


The TEC currently has three full-time professional tutors. These people work 40-hour weeks on 12-month contracts. One of these positions is currently held by the Director, who functions as a Professional Writing and Reading Tutor in addition to carrying out administrative tasks. The other two positions are designated as Education Specialists/Professional Writing and Reading Tutors. The TEC also hires two part-time professional tutors. These two positions currently are in the areas of writing and science.


The full-time Professional Reading/Writing tutors should have earned at least a Masters degree in English, reading, or a related field and should have had at least two years of experience in secondary or post-secondary education (or equivalent). Training in computers and in the field of learning disabilities is helpful, as are knowledge of diagnostic testing and understanding of learning styles, study skills, tutoring techniques, and research skills. These tutors also act as Supervisors in the Director’s absence, so strong supervisory skills are also needed.

The part-time professional tutors should have earned at least a Bachelors degree in English (for the writing tutor) or a natural science (for the science tutor) and should have had at least one year of experience in secondary or post-secondary education (or equivalent). Familiarity with computers, learning disabilities, tutoring techniques, and study skills are helpful although not specifically required. Since these tutors also serve as the evening supervisors, strong supervisory skills are necessary, as well.

In addition to having strong academic skills, all of the professional tutors must be dependable, honest, responsible, patient, and friendly people who can be relied on to keep to their work schedule, help others, keep accurate written records, and support the Center.

Work Schedule

The full-time professional tutors work Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, with an hour off for lunch. Since the TEC is open for tutoring during the fall and spring semesters and during the summer session, the full-time professional tutors are expected to work year-round, except for holidays, and to follow the Faculty rules for sick days and vacation days. They work normal hours even between semesters when there are no classes.

The part-time professional tutors work 20 hours per week for the ten months during which school is in session (from the start of school in August to the end of final exams in May). These two tutors also function as the evening supervisors for the Center, so their hours must include 5 PM to 8 PM Monday through Thursday. They may choose to work from 3 PM to 8 PM on those four days in order to fulfill the 20 hours required, or they may schedule the remaining hours in a different way. These tutors must develop their schedules at the start of the semester and keep those schedules for the entire semester so their work hours are the same every week. However, if they need to change their schedule for the next semester, changes may be requested as long as the required evening hours remain covered.

The part-time tutors work only when classes are in session: They do not work during the holidays, and their contracts cover only the fall and spring semesters. Since the TEC does provide tutoring during the summer session, a separate contract may be offered if funding is available to hire a part-time professional tutor for the summer session when the need arises.

Professional Tutor Application Process

Candidates for the position of professional tutor must submit a cover letter and resume prior to having an interview with the TEC Director. The Vice President of Academic Affairs and/or the President of the College may also interview the applicant. If the Director decides to pursue hiring the applicant, the candidate must fill out and submit a Paine College employment application form, must have official copies of all transcripts sent to the Director, and must submit three references. When all documents have been received, the Director will evaluate the candidate’s credentials. Upon deciding to hire the candidate, the Director will write up a formal recommendation and submit it, along with all of the required documentation, to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. After evaluating the file, the Vice President will make a formal recommendation to the President of the College. All contracts are issued by the President’s Office.