Paine College Marketing Club vies for grand prize in national competition

Posted by ncarter | 11/19/2010 09:11 AM

(Augusta, GA)--The Paine College Marketing Club is vying for the "Best Video of the Year Competition" through the Collegiate American Marketing Association (AMA). The campaign is AMASaveLives, which is designed to increase awareness of the need for organ donation through social media campaigns, event sponsorship, personal contacts, and other viral communications. The campaign goal to inspire others to become registered organ donors and organ donor advocates.

Each institution has been asked to submit a video centered around the AMASaveLives campaign to increase organ donations. Each Collegiate AMA chapter can compete in four categories: Registration Competition, Video Competitions, Event Competition, Social Media Competitions and Public Relations Competition.

 All videos were uploaded via the AMA's YouTube site. Each video must receive the largest number of views to win the award revenue from the American Marketing Association for their campus chapter. The Paine AMA was already awarded $350 for "Most Views and Best Video for the month of October". Paine College has entered the "Best Video of the Year Competition", which will be announced at AMA Conference in New Orleans. The Paine College AMA Chapter hopes to win the coveted title and the $3,000 grand prize. The Collegiate AMA will award up to $29,000 in grants to winning chapters in the next few months.  

Paine College is the only Historically Black College and University in the competition. The College is competing against some of our nations largest universities. " The students in the Marketing Club are very excited about this project, " said Torrey Cloud, professor of Marketing at Paine College. " We would really appreciate the support from the faculty/staff and alumni to help promote the campaign."

The Paine AMA chapter has access to the AMASavesLives Dashboard online to view the progress and impact their chapter is making on saving lives.  "Our AMA Chapter can benefit in a number of ways by participating in this community service and social cause marketing project," Cloud said.  The Paine College Marketing Club is also displaying the College core value of service through this initiative. 

" We really just excited to know that we are making a difference for the 108,000+ patients on the transplant waiting list," said Eryka Adams, vice president of Marketing for the Paine AMA. " Our AMA Chapter winning the grand prize of $3,000 would just be the icing on the cake."


To see Paine College Progress, please click on the following link:

Below is a list of the students that are involved in this project:
1.            Shanice Wilson – President of Marketing
2.            Kayla Fitzpatrick – VP of Finance
3.            Curtis Briscoe - 2nd Executive Vice President of Marketing
4.            Eryka Adams – Vice President of Marketing Club
5.            Carl Johnson – VP of Promotion of Marketing Club
6.            Billy Ware – Cameraman/ Editor
7.            Shaun Younger- Cameraman/Editor
8.            Rashundra Smith – Vice President of SIFE
9.            Chase Campbell- VP of Membership
10.          Members of Marketing Club
11.          Members of SIFE
12.          Division of Business Administration
For more information, please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at (706) 396-7591 or