QEP Faculty Development Training Sessions conducted by The Great Books Foundation

Posted by ncarter | 03/14/2011 12:24 PM

Paine College will sponsor training sessions in Shared Inquiry™ on Thursday and Friday, March 17 and 18, for all faculty who teach common curriculum classes. The course will enable the institution to meet QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) requirements that focus on development of reading skills along with reading and intellectual engagement. This is essential for the success of the QEP L.I.O.N. (Learning Interactively Outside the Norm): The Great Books at Paine College initiative.  

The goal of the course, as described by the Great Books Foundation, is to train instructors in the methods of Shared InquiryTM.  This will involve students as partners in reading, discussing and writing about important ideas that are raised by outstanding works of literature. The intent is to help… professors master these skills and bring a richer interaction with students as they dig deeper into texts. 

The training, as described by the Great Books Foundation, aims to:


Train members of your faculty to prepare for the Great Books program starting in fall of 2011 at Paine College with a theme of Social Justice


Prepare all who plan to teach using the Shared Inquiry methods with college students in classroom discussions 


Provide a sample set of Great Books for the courses that are appropriate for your college level students 


Invite professors attending the course to order review copies of books appropriate for their classes


Design a course that meets the needs of your professors by modeling college student-centered, inquiry based (not lecture based) discussion methods.


*A light lunch will be served at the sessions*


Common curriculum faculty members should contact Dr. Emily Graves immediately to sign up for the training if you have not done so.

Dr. Emily Graves, QEP Faculty Development Coordinator




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