The U.S. Department of Education allows financial aid offices to establish standard student budgets each year as a basis for awarding financial aid. A standard student budget is known as the Cost of Attendance (COA) which includes costs for 9 months. If you attend Paine College for only one semester, or if you attend summer session in addition to the regular semesters, we prorate your costs.

The basic components of a student’s COA include tuition, fees, books and supplies, room, board, miscellaneous and transportation expenses. Please note that tuition, fees, room and board (for on-campus students only) are the only costs which are billed directly to students. Books and supplies, miscellaneous and transportation costs will vary for each student and are estimates only and do not appear on billing statements.

Your total financial aid, including loans and outside scholarships, cannot exceed your COA.

Standard Budgets used at Paine College

Cost of Attendance On-Campus Off-Campus With Parents Fort Gordon Campus
Tuition 12,706.00 12,706.00 12,706.00 7,800.00
Fees 1,520.00 1,520.00 1,520.00 500.00
Books and Supplies 1,000.00 1,000.00 1,000.00 1,000.00
Room 3,136.00 3,136.00 0.00 3,136.00
Board 3,526.00 3,526.00 1,000.00 3,526.00
Miscellaneous 1,940.00 1,940.00 1,070.00 1,940.00
Transportation 1,084.00 1,084.00 1,084.00 1,084.00
Total 24,912.00 24,912.00 18,380.00 18,986.00

Your COA budget may be increased for the following expenses: Child/Dependent care, loan fees, expenses related to a disability and expenses incurred for the purchase of a computer.