Merchandise must be returned unworn, with tickets attached and accompanied by the original receipt within seven (7) days.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are non-refundable.

Gifts & Accessories

Merchandise must be returned/exchanged undamaged, inside original packaging with tickets attached and accompanied by original receipt within seven (7) days.


Merchandise must be in original box with all original parts included in the box. Receipt must be accompany and must be return/exchanged within 7 days.

Additional Conditions

  1. Products eligible for return, but if returned without receipt may be exchanged for equal items. 
  2. All clothing items must be unworn, unwashed, and contain all tags to be eligible for return.
  3. For return of item(s) purchased from a bookstore partner website or a different bookstore within the network, please check their website for details. The return policies may vary.
  4. For additional information, please contact your Paine College Lion's Shop Manager, Antoinette Dawkins 706-821-8286 or e-mail