1. How do you become apart of the Commuter Student Association?
    See the advisor Mrs. Moore or complete a Contact Information Form on line.

  2. Are Commuter Students allowed to eat on campus?
    Yes, but you must purchase a meal plan or pay daily. It is less expensive to purchase a meal plan.

  3. Will there be a place where we can put our books, etc while we are on campus?
    Yes. Campus lockers are available in the Gilbert-Lambuth Memorial Chapel. Please see Mrs. Jackie Connie for more information.

  4. Who do we contact with questions regarding off campus housing?
    Please see Mr. LaMarcus Hall or Ms. Valeria Day in Residence Life.

  5. If we are sick do we need to contact someone to let them know?
    Yes, please contact Nurse Harriet Jones immediately at 706-821-8219.

  6. Who do we need to contact regarding insurance cards provided by the College?
    Please see Nurse Harriet Jones regarding permanent insurance cards and other health care services at 706-821-8219.