Director of Assessment and Evaluation

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Director of Assessment and Evaluation


Date Posted: 12/9/2018

Primary Duties

  • - Manages, guides, and monitors the implementation of assessment and evaluation activities for institutional, programmatic, and support units in collaboration with College personnel (professional and support)
  • - Supports the ongoing development and implementation of comprehensive outcomes assessment activities to assess and improve student learning in academic programs and support units
  • - Oversees the collection, analysis, and maintenance of strategic and annual assessment data or information to support accreditation, other reviews, proposal development, Title III, and policy development
  • - Uses appropriate methods to interpret and report assessment findings with emphasis on those that influence institutional decision-making and policy development
  • - Plans, coordinates, and completes summary reports for campus-wide assessments, both externally and locally developed, that examine the impact of activities designed to improve the effectiveness of College programs
  • - Updates and maintains the Institutional Effectiveness Paradigm

Other Duties

  • Provides guidance and assistance to faculty, staff and administration with determining suitable analytical methodologies to meet their assessment and evaluation needs
  • Reviews reports from all units to ensure appropriate use of assessment and improved student learning
  • Provides minimal administrative support for IR/QEP and IAER Performs other duties as assigned by the Director of Institutional Research (IR) and the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)
  • Qualifications

    • Education: Master's degree required, PH.D. preferred, with specialized knowledge in research, assessment, evaluation or other field that required substantial study in these areas or another field with research, assessment, evaluation, or quantitative skills from a regionally or nationally accredited college or university; and computer skills
    • Experience: At least five (5) years' experience in higher education that included (a) significant assessment research, and reporting, and (2) teaching others how to create and assess student learning and operation outcomes; minimum of two (years' experience formulating surveys, collecting, processing and analyzing the data, and preparing reports for disseminating results to stakeholders with minimum supervision; ability to use and to teach others to use an online program for managing the assessment and evaluation process



  • Expertise in higher education assessment, suitable to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the position Knowledge of higher education principles, practices, and procedures
  • Attention to detail and strong oral written communication skills Intermediate to advanced ability to use all Microsoft Office 365 components (can substitute ability to use SAS or SPSS for Excel and Access)
  • Successful history of handling confidential information and completing assignments when deadlines are critical
  • Demonstrated sound and mature judgement based on professional knowledge, experience and technical skills
  • Ability to work productively with professional and clerical staff campus-wide Must be able to deliver work in a timely consistent manner


  • Salary Range: $48,000 - $51,450 FLSA
  • Classification: Exempt
  • Terms of Employment: 12 months


To Apply

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- Submit a cover letter summarizing your qualifications for the position (focus on the primary duties, your education, and your relevant experience).

- Submit a current position-related resume.

- Submit the name of three (3) professional references who can attest to your education, experience, and knowledge of the position.

For questions regarding the positing, contact:

Mrs. Alice M. Simpkins, Director

Institutional Assessment, Evaluation, and Research

Paine College



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