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Paine College Strategic Plan

Our Vision

Paine College shall build on its Methodist heritage to achieve recognition as a premier liberal arts institution of higher education.




Mission Statement

Paine College Mission Statement is reflective of the nature and purpose of the institution as a church-related liberal arts institution providing a high caliber education. The Mission Statement reflects the founding goals of the college and it is comprehensive in establishing the institution as grounded in Methodism and providing a basis for the institution's operational foci. The statement is current as it is periodically reviewed, evaluated and approved by the governing body with appropriate input from its various constituencies. The Mission also firmly ties the College to its Biblical Foundation Statement.

Our Mission

Paine College is a private institution steeped in the tenets of Methodism that provides a liberal arts education of the highest quality. The College emphasizes academic excellence, ethical and spiritual values, social responsibility, and personal development to prepare spiritually-centered men and women for positions of leadership and service.





Paine College's administrators, faculty, and staff are committed to instruction and research that ensures the transfer of knowledge that develops critical thinking skills in the individual learner. The college also sets high standards and expectations in all other aspects of its functioning – programs, personnel, and infrastructure.

Appreciation of Heritage

The College community embraces, celebrates, and promotes the unique qualities and characteristics that make us what we are as individuals and as an institution.


Relationships and practices are based on ethical behavior and social justice.

Fiscal Responsibility

Financial prudence must be practiced by all employees and students of the college. Our fundraising and spending must be motivated by an awareness of where we are fiscally and supported with well-documented objectives.


All persons are treated in a courteous manner that is honest, responsive, and efficient. Developing altruism empowers the collegiate community to act in a way that benefits society.


Strategic Goals and Objectives 2020 – 2025


Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal 1. Academic Program Enhancements and Expansion

Devise and implement flexible curricula that incorporate emerging developments in social and technical practices and innovation, and that include the many perspectives of a pluralistic society. Provide priority academic and professional development opportunities for residents of the region. Effect hands-on opportunities through diverse teaching strategies and technologies, including internships, practica, research, and public service experiences that expose students to the myriad of emerging thought and practice. Prepare students to compete in graduate and professional schools as well as in the work force.

Strategic Objective G1-OA. Strengthen all major programs and concentration areas.

Strategic Objective G1-OB. Design and implement new academic majors/programs.

Strategic Objective G1-OC. Establish an organizational structure that is academically compatible for major programs and is economically defensible and responsible.

Strategic Objective G1-OD. Pursue national and/or specialized accreditation for selected programs.

Strategic Objective G1-OE. Develop and implement online courses and certifications.

Strategic Objective G1-OF. Design and implement graduate programs.

Strategic Objective G1-OG. Design and implement formal faculty development plan.

Strategic Goal 2. Promote student success by strengthening recruitment, enrollment, retention, and graduation rates

The quality of student recruitment, a high-level of student engagement, student success and student awareness of global citizenship will be achieved through strategic development of student behaviors, practices, habits, and involvement.  Institutional programs and services will be expanded to prepare students with the necessary skills to be fully engaged, successful, global learners to fulfill the institution's mission.

Strategic Objective G2-OA. The Office of Admissions will refocus their efforts to increase enrollment.

Strategic Objective G2-OB. Increase enrollment by 25% by 2025. (5% per year 2020-2025)

Strategic Objective G2-OC. Increase the first year retention rate by 5% per year for 2020-2025.

Strategic Objective G2-OD. Increase the graduation rate by fifty (50%) percent by 2025.

Strategic Objective G2-OE. Increase student engagement through the implementation of service learning.

Strategic Goal 3. Improve Infrastructure and Innovation

Improve the College's infrastructure needs to support strategic goals by providing enhanced educational experiences both inside and outside the classrooms as well as providing the needed technologies and facilities to support the Paine College Community.

Strategic Objective G3-OA. Upgrade Layer 1 Cabling 

Strategic Objective G3-OB. Update Jenzabar to a hosted solution

Strategic Objective G3-OC. Upgrade internet service provider (ISP) to 1 gigabits per second (GBPS) ISP

Strategic Objective G3-OD. Upgrade comcast cable to IP T.V.  IP (Internet Protocol)

Strategic Goal 4. Facilities Enhancement

Land acquisition will provide the College with assets for growth and expansion to meet future education and administrative needs. Acquire land for to accommodate future growth and expansion of academic facilities as necessary. To implement a comprehensive plan to improve aesthetics of the campus landscaping presentation. Eliminate hazards associated with landscape and hardscape areas throughout the campus. Identify and prioritize the problem areas where energy is being lost or inefficiently used. Improve the overall environmental conditions and student learning experience. To provide the College with a definitive guide for growth and expansion based on present future needs for expansion and renovations.

Strategic Objective G4-OA. Develop and implement a plan for strategic land acquisition (purchase and/or donated property within one to three miles radius)

Strategic Objective G4-OB. Develop a plan for the acquisition of resources for academic facilities

Strategic Objective G4-OC. Establish and implement a campus beautification strategy

Strategic Objective G4-OD. Establish and implement "green" policies and practices

Strategic Objective G4-OE. Utilize School Dude to manage and track service work orders to consistently meet or exceed completions rates as outlined in the preventative Maintenance plan. 

Strategic Objective G4-OF. Update the College Master Plan to identify proposed improvements, enhancements and expansions.

Strategic Goal 5. Campus Police and Safety

To create an environment through comprehensive programs and administrative policies and procedures that is responsive to the personal, social, emotional and physical needs of students, faculty and staff.

Strategic Objective G5-OA. To ensure a campus environment that is safe and conducive to optimum learning by improving the Campus Police and Security staff through an ongoing, comprehensive mandatory training program for current and new hires.

Strategic Objective G5-OB. To maintain and enhance crime prevention, security, and safety

Strategic Goal 6. Strengthen Financial Operations

Strengthen the College's financial operations and planning system by maintaining a stable balance between resources and spending through the coordination, integration, and monitoring of the annual planning, evaluation and budgeting processes, thereby, yielding a fiscally solvent operation.

Strategic Objective G6-OA. Improve accounting and procurement procedures

Strategic Goal 7. Productive Partnerships ("Friend" Raising)

Friend Raising impacts the ability of the Advancement's Office to Fundraise. Getting to know people and developing healthy relationships with potential donors and current donors lead to sizable donations and healthy partnerships that are beneficial to all parties involved. Alongside donations, the most valuable commodity a donor can share is a healthy relationship.

Strategic Objective G7-OA. Increase revenue through strategic partnerships

Strategic Objective G7-OB. Increase Community Participation in Campus-based Activities

Strategic Objective G7-OC Increase strategic agreements with government, business, and industry that lead to resource development

Strategic Objective G7-OD. Increase the number of endowed scholarships 

Strategic Goal 8. Forecast a "Right-sized" Workforce Based on a Stabilized Enrollment

Attaining and maintaining financial stability is a major goal for Paine College. While examining data and information from several sources, Paine College's administrators determined that it was time to operate the College more from a business perspective. Paine College has begun to implement a Business Plan whose purpose is to establish a short-term and long-term plan that balances out operations with projected income to eliminate deficit spending and grow the endowment. It also calls for stabilizing the enrollment and operating primarily within a budget based primarily on tuition and fees.

Strategic Objective G8-OA. Through discussion and data analysis, arrive at projected enrollment numbers projected out three years for adequate plan implementation.

Strategic Objective G8-OB. Project a budget figure on which faculty size informs enrollment necessities and enrollment drives faculty size.

Strategic Objective G8-OC. In the formulation of the budget, the percentage attributed to fundraising in the determination of projected income shall not exceed more than the average of the prior three (3) years.


The Paine College Board of Trustees adopted the Strategic Plan including the Strategic Objectives and their Action Benchmarks on October 24, 2020, retroactive to July 1, 2020.


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