History and Political Science

History & Political Science

The History & Political Science program at Paine College is an integral part of the Department of Social Sciences and offers a major and minor in History at the undergraduate level. It also includes needed courses for history majors in secondary education. The history major at Paine College leads to a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree. The program includes introductory history courses which are in the in the college's core curriculum, and specific upper-and lower- division courses that emphasize the history of major world regions and the connections between those regions. Courses in political science are also offered. The History program prides itself on preparing its majors for a variety of careers and graduate study that includes law school. History is a popular major at Paine College. The faculty members at Paine who teach history and political science have a broad array of research interests and are enthusiastic in sharing those interests with their students.


The goals of the history program are to:

    1. Acquaint students with the major ideas and themes of humankind's social, political, economic and intellectual heritage
    2. help students gain an understanding of the present in relationship to the past
    3. provide an education in various areas of history, political science, and other social sciences necessary for the teaching of social sciences in secondary schools
    4. provide students, especially history majors, with a sound background in historical research, both oral and written
    5. encourage and assist students to improve their communicative skills
    6. familiarize students with museums, historic sites and other important resources in the local and surrounding area.
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