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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about CAPS @ Paine College


What is CAPS? CAPS refers to the Center for Advanced Professional Studies.

It is the Paine College administrative unit that supports degree completion among working and returning adults who seek a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Accelerated course sessions are available. Course offerings are tailored to fit student needs while they balance job, family, military, and other responsibilities. Accelerated course sessions are available with fall I, fall II, spring I, spring II, and summer sessions.

How do I apply to the program and begin taking courses?

In order to take courses toward a bachelor's degree, you must first complete an admission application online at www.paine.edu or in person at the Admissions Office on the campus of Paine College. The admissions website is https://www.paine.edu/web/admission/admissions.

Can I speak with someone before I apply?

Certainly. You can contact CAPS at 706-821-8229 or e-mail CAPS@Paine.Edu. To learn more about evening and accelerated program offerings, contact  the Center for Advanced Professional Studies at 706-821-8229 or e-mail CAPS@Paine.Edu. In addition, members of the admissions staff will gladly provide you with application information at 706-821-8320.

What degrees are available?

Students seeking admission are eligible to pursue all programs of study offered at Paine College. Three academic majors are offered in both regular and accelerated formats: Psychology, Sociology, and Business. Each of these programs have concentration areas for specialized study. Concentrations within the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology involve general, experimental, and counseling psychology. The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology includes specialization areas concerning criminology, social psychology, and general sociology. The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration enables students to have an emphasis in accounting, international business, management, management information systems, or marketing.

How long will it take for me to complete my degree?

The average length of time is two and a half to three years. However, time to completion can vary depending on previous coursework and grades, transfer hours, and course-load per semester.

How are courses offered?

Courses are taught in a traditional, face-to-face environment or as part of a hybrid format that combines in person and online delivery methods.

What are the costs associated with CAPS?

Credit Hours Student Type Level Tuition Fees
Less than 56 credits Non-Military Lower $325 $250
More than 56 credits Non-Military Upper $395 $250
Bachelors Military NA $325 $250


Does Paine College have a payment plan for tuition and fees?

Payment plans are available. Fifty-percent of current charges that are not covered by financial aid are due at registration, along with a signed payment plan for the current semester charges. The remaining balance for the current semester is due in four (4) equal remaining payments.  

As an adult, am I eligible to use all services available to traditional undergraduates?

Absolutely. All students at Paine College, both adults and traditional undergraduates, have all services available to them, including the Collins-Callaway Library, Career Services, the Counseling Center, the Tutorial and Enrichment Center, and the H.E.A.L. Athletic Complex.

What are the admission criteria for Caps?

You must be at least 25 years of age or older at the time of enrollment; OR -Active Duty Military service member; OR -Graduated from High School or received a GED at least five years prior to the date of enrollment at Paine College

How do I submit proof of my military status to Paine College?

Any student who has military status will need to obtain a certification of eligibility from their respective unit of service. Then the student must submit that certification to the VA Certifying official at Paine College who is the assistant registrar.

Will military tuition assistance cover my costs at Paine College?

Military assistance can cover the costs of tuition. Students have the option of and are encouraged to apply for grants through the financial aid process.

Can I transfer my military education benefits to a spouse or dependent?

Military education benefits can be transferred to a spouse or dependent of the serviceperson/veteran. 

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