Tutorial & Enrichment Center (TEC) (Academic Success)

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Tutorial & Enrichment Center (TEC) (Academic Success)


Mrs. Cynthia Frazier-Edwards

Title: TEC Office Manager

Department: Tutorial & Enrichment Center (Academic Affairs)

Location: Collins-Callaway Library

Phone: (706) 821-8345

Fax: (706) 396-8533


Dr. Celestial Davis 
Title: Director of The Tutorial & Enrichment Center

Department: Tutorial & Enrichment Center (Academic Affairs)

Location: Collins-Callaway Library 

Phone: (706) 821-8341

Fax: (706) 821-8633



TEC Program Purpose


The Tutorial & Enrichment Center (TEC) provides access and opportunities for students to expand their learning outside of the classroom through quality academic, supportive programs and resources. These opportunities further promote students in the development of positive academic habits, practice, and behaviors. Further, students will develop critical academic and nonacademic cognitive skills needed to lead to a deeper classroom engagement. Upon completing a 4-year program of study, every graduate of Paine College will be an independent learner with an interest in lifelong learning. The Tutorial & Enrichment Center (TEC) provides programs and services to help all students at Paine College meet this goal.


The mission of the Tutorial & Enrichment Center (TEC) is to provide an array of comprehensive tutorial and academic support services in all subjects to enhance the educational success for all Paine College students through strategic and high-quality instructional-based support programming.



TEC overall objective is for students to succeed by achieving the following outcomes: 

  • - Expand and grow their internal methods to approach coursework problems with skill efficiency in critical thinking of their reasoning processes and identifying strategies that help them succeed.
  • Enhance student approaches to learning from instruction in quantitative/science courses, particularly for solving novel problems by becoming more skilled readers, note-takers, and strategic learners.
  • -  Foster and promote collaborative, curriculum-based learning for students by providing access to trained peer tutors, study groups, online tutoring, technology, and resources.
  • - Guide, direct, and encourage students to be able to understandings and explicate their reasoning processes and procedures, assess their competency, identify gaps in their expertise, and practice transferring their knowledge and skills to complex, multi-faceted problems.
  • - To provide workshops that are kept small and to discuss topics including time management, study strategies, writing and research, and more.
  • Supplemental Instruction Specific Goals





      Group Study Math Lab



      Virtual Learning Environment

      Via Zoom link (provided in email)

      Group Study Science Lab



      Virtual Learning Environment

      Via Zoom link (provided in email)

      First Year Writing Seminar



      Virtual Learning Environment

      Via Zoom link (provided in email)

      Upperclassman Writing Seminar



      Virtual Learning Environment

      Via Zoom link (provided in email)

      Academic Support Workshop



      Virtual Learning Environment

      Via Zoom link (provided in email)

      Individual Tutoring


      9:00am - 8:00pm

      Virtual Learning Environment

      Via Zoom link (provided in email)

      Online Tutoring Options

      24/7 Access



      Individual Academic Advising


      By appointment

      Virtual Learning Environment

      Via Zoom link (provided in email)

      Upcoming Fall 2021 Events

      (to be announced)

      ***Due to the current pandemic and COVID19, all academic supportive services and resources are being offered in a virtual, learning format. Virtual locations are provided per contact the TEC staff.***


    • TEC Virtual Tutorial & Academic Support Resources Found Online

      Khan Academy-This online free academic support service for Paine College students covers all subjects (math, composition, and science).

      NetTutor-This is a free online academic support service for Paine College students and includes all math and composition related subjects).

      Multiple Subjects-Free real time tutoring resources for courses in math, science, and more.

      English & Writing Free Online Resources

      College Algebra, Pre-calculus, and Calculus Free Online Resources



      Student Independent Self-Study Resources

      1. 1.  Khan Academy | Learn anything for free!
      2. 2.  Cliffs Notes | Reading analysis.
      3. 3.  Free Rice | Fight hunger while expanding your vocabulary!
      4. 4.  Hippocampus | Video presentations, worked examples, and more!
      5. 5.  Socratic | Math, Physics, Chemistry, and more!
      6. 6.  OWL | The Purdue Online Writing Lab
      7. 7.  Algebra Help | Lessons, calculators, and worksheets
      8. 8.  Interactive Mathematics | Learn math by doing it!
      9. 9.  MathTV | Like YouTube, for math!
      10. 10.Mathhelp.com | Custom math courses with a teacher
      11. 11.Purplemath | Algebra help online
    • Academic Supportive Services for Student Success


      To support the mission of the Tutorial & Enrichment center, an array of academic supportive and enhancement services is provided to:

      Increase the academic engagement and persistence rates of students.

      Help students improve their performance in courses via using individual tutoring sessions, group study labs and skill development workshops.

      Enhance the enrichment and to broaden students' knowledge in areas of special interest.

      Empower students to be confident in presenting presentations and written materials that support classroom instruction.


      Virtual Hours of Operation

      Fall 2021 virtual hours of operation for all academic supportive services in TEC are as follows:  


      Mondays through Thursdays 9:00AM-6:00PM

      Fridays 9:00AM-5:00PM

      The TEC provides virtual academic support and tutorial enrichment services when classes are in session, but the center remains virtually opened all year. Signing up for services takes just a few minutes.

      Contact Information:

      Dr. Davis, Director

      (706) 821-8341 | TECTutors@Paine.edu


      Mrs. Frazier-Edwards, Office Manager

      (706) 821-8345 | TECTutors@Paine.edu


      Ms. Nefateria Ellington, Professional Academic Tutor

      NEllington@Paine.edu | TECTutors@Paine.edu

    • Academic Specific Tutoring Goals

    • - To ensure delivery of services that upholds high academic standards, empowering students to become responsible, active, and interdependent learners who are able to adapt to different learning environments.

      - To help students build the skills necessary to succeed in the classroom and beyond. 
    • - To serve diverse student populations, reducing barriers for student success by responding to their unique learning needs.
    • - To help students develop into autonomous and independent learners by overcoming barriers to understanding course content.
    • - To increase student engagement in the learning process, fostering academic improvement and greater understanding in tutored courses.
    • - To foster collaborative, curriculum-based learning for students by providing access to trained peer tutors, study groups, online tutoring, technology, and resources.


  • TEC academic resources and services are learner centered,

  • integrity based, service oriented, and supportive.


Academic Specific Skill Development Workshop Goals


  • Learning Style Inventories



Study Strategy Inventory


Study Skills Assessment Inventory


TEC Service Request Forms

Faculty Classroom Workshop Request

Faculty or Staff Tutoring Referral Form

Individual Academic Coaching Request Form


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