Department of Education

Department of Education

The Department of Education has a conceptual framework based on the current mission and vision for the college. The vision of the Department of Education is to develop stewards of education who are subject matter experts, reflective practitioners, and socially competent professionals driven by learning. The mission of the Department of Education is to develop candidates who demonstrate knowledge on content, teaching, learning, and cognition through reflective critique.

Paine College's institutional standards are based on a constructivist philosophy that provides a lens for understanding the learning process and reflection that contributes toward a mechanism for attaining the assumptions that undergird constructivism. Thus, the Department of Education has identified standards that form the foundation for the development of effective teachers:

  • Strong foundation of content knowledge
  • Use of research to understand student development and instruction
  • Assessment as an integral part of the teaching process
  • Reflection as a tool to improve instruction
  • Moral imperative to ensure that all students learn
  • Commitment to social justice

The Department of Education embraces a progressive philosophy that utilizes both constructivism and reflection to facilitate teacher-candidate development. Through courses and experiences, candidates demonstrate knowledge and abilities in their respective disciplines, pedagogical content knowledge, student-centered instruction, social justice, and collaboration in order to positively impact PK-12 student learning outcomes.

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