Department of Media Studies

Department of Media Studies

Media Studies offers an undergraduate program that leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies with specialization in one of the following tracks:

  • Journalism
  • Radio-Television
  • Public Relations
  • Theatre

The Department's interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to prepare students to become professional communicators and artisans from an academic, business, executive, management, and performance perspective.

List of Minors:

Journalism The journalism sequence specializes in preparing students for communications industry careers as news journalists. The coursework is research, writing, and reporting intensive.

Radio-Television Majors selecting a degree plan in radio-television are focused on proficiency in three categories of concentration:

  • Digital production and editing
  • Mixed media applications
  • Research and analysis.

Public Relations The public relations track prepares students to creatively design, implement, and manage multimedia communication programs of public, corporate, and private organizations.

Theatre Studies The theatrical component offers an undergraduate curriculum based on theoretical and intensive practical experience in performance and production with emphasis in management, acting and design.


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