First-Time Freshmen


Due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, Paine College has adjusted its admission requirements for the Fall 2021 semester. The regular SAT and ACT score requirement has been waived. 
In order to receive an admission decision, students must still meet all other admission requirements must meet the adjusted minimum grade point average (GPA) in order to be admitted. Students who have taken the SAT or ACT are encouraged to submit their scores. 
You can turn in your transcript by using an electronic transcript service such as GAFutures, Parchment, or eScript. The easiest and fastest way to turn in your transcript is to simply email a copy to us. It can be send to Once received, we will add it to your application.


Academic Requirements

  • A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale from a school accredited by a state or a regional accrediting agency OR a minimum standard score in each area of the General Educational Development (GED) Test
  • 16 units of college preparatory courses from a school accredited by a state or a regional accrediting agency upon graduation. The units must include:


    English 4 units

    Mathematics 3 units

    Natural Sciences 3 units

    Social Sciences (1 History) 3 units

    Electives 3 units

  • Completion of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (Paine College SAT Code: 5530) or American College Test (Paine College ACT Code: 0852)

Applicants must submit the following information:


  • Official transcripts, score reports, and other official documents must be received from an authorized institution.
  • Standardized test scores are not required for applicants who have been out of high school for five years or longer.
  • As soon as all documents for the admission process have been received, the application will be evaluated and applicants will be notified by email of the results.
  • Advanced placement credits may be accepted for courses listed in the Paine College Catalog following the receipt of proof that the applicant scored at least three (3) on the advanced placement test.


Staging Enabled