How To Apply

Applications may be submitted two ways:

Completing an Online Application at

Mailing to:

Paine College

Academic Affairs

1235 15th St, Augusta, GA 30901

Requirements for Military Service Members

Military service members must complete the following steps for admission:

  • 1. Submit application form
  • 2.Provide official high school transcript/all previous college transcripts, or a transient letter or a SOCAD agreement. Service member may be accepted for one semester on the basis of AARTS or military service DD Form 214.
  • 3.Provide a copy of AARTS Transcript or DD Form 214, if necessary.
  • 4.Complete Paine College placement tests if necessary. SAT or ACT are not required for military service members.
  • 5.If required, apply for Army Tuition Assistance (TA).
  • 6.Submit photo of Military ID card, if necessary.

Requirements for Military Spouses or Dependents

Military Spouses or Dependents must complete the following steps for admission:

  • Submit application form.
  • Provide official high school transcript/all previous college transcripts.
  • Complete Paine College placement tests, SAT, or ACT test if necessary.
  • Submit photo of Military Dependent ID card, if necessary.

Students seeking admission to the CAPS program may apply online or with a counselor in the Paine College Admissions Department.

  • 1.Students entering degree programs may have to enroll in basic courses or preparatory courses to build skills necessary to complete the Paine College curriculum.
  • 2.Students taking courses but not in a degree program may enroll in a maximum of 12 credits as transient or non-degree students.
  • 3.Should the student desire to pursue a degree, a new application is required.

Requirements for Students Entering on Probation

  • 1.May enroll for one term on a probation status.
  • 2.Must earn a 2.0 GPA to be considered for full admissions.
  • 3.Is not eligible for federal aid or Tuition Assistance, or VA benefits until he/she has earned 12 hrs and 2.0 cum GPA.

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