------------------------------- Campus Life Ministry ------------------------------


We have developed the Campus Life Ministry, which is designed to address beautification and improvements in our residential facilities, grounds, landscaping, and our physical plant. The Campus Life Ministry's mission is committed to enriching students' living and learning experiences at Paine College.

------------------------------------ PC Boutique ------------------------------------ 


The Campus Life Ministry also extends to helping students directly. Paine College has opened the PC Boutique. You can donate items such as toiletries for male and female students. For Freshmen Induction Ceremony, give white dresses, women's white blouses, and tops, men's white shirts and polos, black neckties

--------------------------------------- Donate ---------------------------------------


Make a donation to the campus ministry now.

THANK YOU TARVEY JONES, President of the Augusta Alumni Chapter. Tarvey will lead a group of alumni and friends who will volunteer to clear foliage and grounds in the areas of Jackson House, Walker House, the Pharmacy and AND other areas of the Campus. Sign up to assist Tarvey and Friends. – THANK YOU DR. BARBARA SMITH, ________, __________, who donated to the Campus Life Ministry.

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