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Hit a Home Run!

Take the Brightharp-Hatney Challenge

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This year, Paine signed MVPs, Rev. Johnny R. Hatney and Rev. George L. Brightharp to drive the UNCF Campaign to victory. These heavy-hitters kicked off the UNCF Scholarship Challenge with a joint gift of $15,000.00 and positioned Paine's UNCF Campaign for the major league. The game is far from over. Reverends Brightharp and Hatney extend an invitation to you to come out of the stands and step up to the plate. Swing a gift that will clean the bases and put Paine College over the $75,000 annual goal.

Let's go deep! Bring the heat!  

Take the lead and make a donation to Paine College. 

Remember, the UNCF will return a 3 to 1 match for every dollar raised for the College.

Let's knock the Paine College UNCF Scholarship Campaign over the fence and out of the ballpark.

The Campaign ends March 31, 2019.




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