Paine College Admission

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Paine College have out-of-state tuition?

No, Paine College does not have out-of-state tuition. Tuition, room, board and fees is the same for students that live both in state and out-of-state. Click here for more information about the cost of attending Paine College.

How long will it take for my admission application to be processed and to find out if I am accepted?

The admissions acceptance process will take as long as the student allows. For those students who turn in their application, official transcript, SAT or ACT test scores and Georgia High School Graduation Test Scores (if Georgia), it will take no longer than a day. This will grant a pending acceptance. A pending acceptance means that the admissions office is still in need of the three letters of recommendation, 500-word essay, application fee and final high school transcript for first-time freshmen. Transfer students will need the final high school transcript, official college transcript, SAT or ACT scores, three letters of recommendation, 500 word essay, application fee and the transfer approval form.

What are your most popular undergraduate majors?

Biology, Education and Mass Communication. Click here for more information on majors offered at Paine College.

What are the Admissions requirements for undergraduates?

Paine College looks for students who are willing to build and better their academic profiles. The average GPA for a first-time freshman at Paine College is a cumulative 2.5. There are special cases in which a GPA under a 2.5 has been accepted, so we encourage all students to apply. The average score for first-time freshmen on the SAT is 900 between critical reading and math and the average score for first-time freshmen on the ACT is a composite score of 18. Students who have not met that average are still considered, so once again, we encourage all students to apply. Click here for more information about admissions requirements.

How do I go about receiving an application through the mail?

Contact the Office of Admissions at (706) 821-8320 and any staff member in the admissions office will be willing to take your name and current address so that you may get the information requested.

Do you offer tours of the campus during the weekend?

Tours are offered on the weekends only on special occasions. Click here for more information about tours.

How do I find out about on-campus job opportunities?

Contact Career Services at (706) 821-8388 or click here for more information.

What percentage of students live on-campus?

Contact Housing at (706) 821-8634.

What is the undergraduate Admission deadline?

The deadlines for admission are outlined below:

  • Fall semester - July 15th
  • Spring semester - January 7th
  • Summer semester - May 1st


Are freshmen required to live on-campus?

No, freshmen are not required to live on campus, but we do suggest that freshmen stay on campus at least for the first year. Click here for more information about on-campus living.

I am planning to transfer to (or from) Paine College. What credit will count?

Please contact the Registrar's Office at (706) 821-8311 or click here to visit thier webpage.

When should a first year or transfer student apply for housing?

Students should apply for housing as soon as they have received the acceptance letter from the Office of Admissions. Click here to launch the online housing application.

Am I eligible for HOPE? What will it cover, and if I drop classes, will it affect my HOPE?

Please contact the Financial Aid Office at (706) 821-8262.

How can I get a work study job?

All work study opportunities are handled by Financial Aid. Contact the Financial Aid Office at (706) 821-8262.

What degrees and majors are offered at Paine College?

Paine College only offers Undergraduate degrees. The different majors consist of Business Administration, Accounting, International Business, Management, Management Information Systems, Early Childhood Education, Middle Grades Education, General Education, Secondary Education in Math, English, Biology and History Education, English, Mass Communications, Philosophy and Religion, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, History and Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Economics. Click here for more information on majors offered at Paine College.

How do I find the Academic Calendar (graduation, holidays, exams dates and, class start and end dates)?

Click here to view the Paine College Academic Calendar, or here to download the PDF.

What is the mailing address for Paine College?

1235 Fifteenth Street Augusta, GA 30901.

What is the undergraduate application fee?

The application fee is $25.00. Click here for more information about applying to Paine College.

How do I contact the Office of Admissions?

Please call (706) 821-8320.


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