Paine College Admission

Board of Trustees



The Board of Trustees of Paine College shall be responsible for the overall governance of the College and shall elect the President for a term of office to be determined by the Board. The Board shall also approve annually, upon recommendation of the President, all instructional, administrative and other members of the College. The Board of Trustees exercises ultimate institutional authority as set forth in its by-laws.

Members of the Board of Trustees

Attorney Barbara E. Bouknight
Chair, Board of Trustees
Flint, MI
Attorney Michael L. Thurmond
Chair-elect, Board of Trustees
Stone Mountain, GA
Dr. Cheryl Evans Jones (Ex-Officio)
President, Paine College
Augusta, GA
Dr. Carmichael Crutchfield
General Secretary, Department of Christian Education | Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Memphis, TN
Rev. Michael McCord
Executive Director | Georgia United Methodist Commission Higher Education & Campus Ministry
Carrolton, GA
Dr. Lester G. Jackson
State Senator, Georgia
Savannah, GA 31419
Dr. Barbara Burns Hall
College Park, GA
Mr. J.R. Henderson
Atlanta, GA
Attorney Sharyn Doanes-Bergin
Peachtree City, GA
Bishop C. James King, Jr.
Presiding Bishop | Eleventh Episcopal District
Louisville, KY
Rev. Willie Wiley
Presiding Elder| Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Grovetown, GA
Dr. Tyrone Davis
General Secretary General Board of Personnel Services | Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Memphis, TN
Rev. James Cason, Senior Pastor
Statesboro, GA
Dr. Lenalda R. Corley
Principal, Crenshaw High School
Carson, CA
Mr. Johnny C. Nimes
President, Paine College National Alumni Association
Stone Mountain, GA
Mr. Fred Thompson
Washington, DC
Dr. Charles Larke
Retired Superintendent, Richmond County Public Schools
Augusta, GA
Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson
Resident Bishop | North Georgia Conference United Methodist Church
Atlanta, GA
Bishop R. Lawson Bryan
Resident Bishop, South Georgia Conference | United Methodist Church
Macon, GA
Rev. Jerry D. Woodfork, Sr.
Presiding Elder, Sixth Episcopal District | Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Atlanta, GA
Rev. John Thompson
Retired Pastor, United Methodist Church
Columbia, SC
Dr. Rodell Lawrence
Martinez, GA
Mr. Rodney E. Harrigan
Greensboro, NC
Dr.  Okoroafor Nzeh
Faculty Representative
Augusta, GA
Attorney Robert L. Bell
Trustees Emeritus
Washington, DC
Bishop Marshall Gilmore
Trustees Emeritus
Concord, NC
Dr. Ora McConner Jones
Trustees Emerita
Chicago, IL
Bishop Thomas L. Brown, Sr.
Presiding Prelate, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Georgia
Stone Mountain, GA


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